Architecture + urban development

I always have a open construction site, whether as an architect, planner, site manager or craftsman. This ranges from the modernization of historical buildings to residential properties, industrial buildings, hotels, roads and water systems, and the planning of new urban environments.

The central point of my projects is always a commitment to ecology and sustainability. This is complemented by a keen empathy for the needs of future users, combined with respect for what has already been created and experience with simple, cost-effective solutions.

Caúna: Hangar Caúna: Carpentry Caúna: Food processing Caúna: Production and living Caúna: Pier Maceiò: Co-working Maceiò: Meeting room Good climate with wind and shade Caúna: Air conditioning with double roof Caúna: Leisure with a sea view Ipioca: Beach house Ipioca: Beach house Alto das Alamedas: New quarters Alto das Alamedas: New drainage techniques Alto das Alamedas: New lakes and green zones First Minergie level house in France Frankreich: Salon France: Sea view France: Kitchen France: Library France: Staircase France: Garden Switzerland: Restructuring Switzerland: Museum concept Switzerland: Research lab Switzerland:
Switzerland: Refurbishing Switzerland: Office Switzerland: Biotop Compacted roof constructions Leer Slide Hangar Caúna: Hangar