Construction and Design

There is no shorter path from dream to reality than working on construction projects. Desires and ideals have to be translated into centimeters, materials, prestige and tight deadlines – all with suppliers that are late, and costs that get out of hand if you don’t look closely…

Design is more grateful. It’s all about the sophisticated compromise between form and function, a sense of proportion, beauty, ease of use and the right message. In the end you have to let go of the product. It will be used by people who cannot know how much work goes into a design process.

Caúna, carpentry: Tables and benches Caúna, carpentry: Garden lounge Caúna, carpentry: Tables, lamps Caúna: Security windows Caúna, metalworking: Luster Caúna, metalworking: Bicycle trailers Caúna, metalworking: Transport trolley Caúna: Ecological road surfaces Caúna: Boundary markings Caúna: Walkway protections Yi Jing: Dynamics commentary Yi Jing Library: Answer screen Yi Jing Library: Shop Yi Jing Library: Palace edition Yi Jing Library: Text comparison Yi JIng Library: Structure Yi Jing Library: Trigram dynamics Internet control: Sensors Internet control: Security Modular constructions Modular constructions Minergie constructions Dry wall constructions Hydraulic engineering Bridge constructions Excavation work Concreting Static structures Construction elements Heating/cooling Water treatment Water distribution/filtration